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4ASoft FAQs.
General questions
What is 4ASoft? 
www.4asoft.com is a project of SPRL Arhitektura, Belgium, developer of business software for small to medium-sized enterprises in Europe. 4ASoft Solutions let you manage your contacts, simplify daily commercial tasks, efficiently control stock and production and much more.
Questions about products
What limitations does 4Asoft Agenda  Demo version have?

You can open demoversion 10 times, after the software is blocked until the license is purchased and activated. Also demoversion has a watermark on all outgoing documents, but it will disappear once the licence copy activated.

What is the difference between the Simple version and the Server version?
The functional capabilities of the Simple version and the Server version are absolutely the same. You need to install the Server version when you have more than 5 workstations in your network or if you want to enhance security, make automatic back-ups, and increase performance.
What is FileMaker ® Pro?
FileMaker ® Pro  is a relational database management system that enlarges the functional capabilities of 4ASoft solutions and enables work in a network. Once you install this application you will be able to change the layout of your document templates, add scripts, create custom reports, send e-mail in PDF format, and publish basic Web forms or Web-based status updates. Windows and Mac OS FileMaker Pro users on the same network can access the same database file simultaneously.
I am planning to purchase a new computer soon. Will I be able to transfer the license from my old computer to the new one?
One license can be activated on only one computer, so if you change your PC you will need to buy an additional license.
I would like to upgrade my personal computer (change video adapter, sound card, etc). Will the old license for 4ASoft software still work with a newer computer configuration?
When you purchase a 4ASoft license, you are allowed to use it on one dedicated computer. If you have any problems starting up your software after changing some hardware configurations, please login with next information: login – 4asoft password - 4asoft and submit your problem to us. Don't forget to specify your original serial number (the first 6 digits in your license key). If neccessary, we will provide you a new license key that will support your new configuration.
I want to buy a specific solution, but on the site I see only the price for combination solutions. Can I buy one solution and not a combination? 
Yes, you can. In the shopping cart you will find a field where you can specify what solution you would like to buy or you can specify to which solution you would like to upgrade from your existing version.
Can I export my data from 4ASoft to another external program?
All data in 4ASoft are exportable in different formats, including tap or comma separated, SYLK, DBF, DIF, Excel, XML, HTML table, Merge, and Basic.
Questions about support and services
Do you have a manual?
At the moment we have only online animated lessons.
Do i have to pay a fee for your online lessons? 
No, it's absolutely free. 
Can you import my previous invoices, orders, quotations, and other information into the 4ASoft system?
Yes, we can do so if required. The price will depend on the cofiguration of your original data. Please contact us for more information at sales@4asoft.com
You list only 2 options for hotline support: 4 or 10 hours. Could I get more hours, and how much would it cost?
Yes, of course, you can get more hours directly through the program or by sending us an e-mail at sales@4asoft.com with your registration information. The price per 4 or 20 hours will stay the same.